We are Happy!

A customer experience design agency helping businesses drive growth by delivering brand experiences their customers value.


We help you attract and retain customers by creating happy customer experiences that exceed expectations, every time, in every interaction.

We believe putting customers at the centre of everything you do is what creates happy customers, happy staff and happy businesses.

We help you build a relationship your customers value. So every time they interact with your business, they come out feeling happier and more loyal to you as a result.  

The sort of loyalty that makes people so happy, they tell their friends about you.



We provide guidance and support to improve and deliver your customer experience strategy.

This includes: 

CX Benchmark Reports

Customer Journey Mapping & Process Mapping

Customer Profiling & Segmentation

Customer Experience Strategy & Implementation Plans

Marketing Automation Set-up & Delivery

Brand Strategy, Marketing Communications & Media Management

Customer experience is all about walking in your customer's shoes. So to step you through how we work - we've used the example of a shoe company. 


We buy your shoes

We assess your customer experience by becoming a customer. Buying your shoes so we can benchmark your customer experience against other shoe companies in your market and the very best shoe companies in the world.


We talk to everyone at your shoe company

We talk to you and your staff about what's working well and whats not working so well. Then we review customer feedback surveys to get into your customers heads. Why did they choose you and not some other shoe company? What would make them more likely to buy your shoes again? We then use this intel to develop customer personas. Susan buys your shoes and she does it for this reason. This helps you visualise and understand who your customers are and what they care about. Empathy is a powerful customer experience tool.


How are people currently buying your shoes? What do they like about buying your shoes? What don't they like about buying your shoes?

We map your current customer journey through all digital & physical touchpoints. This helps us identify the parts that are making them happy, and all parts that are making them not so happy.


Our shoe company is about XX and you should buy from us because XX

We take all the intel we've gathered and use it to create your Brand Vision and Customer Value Proposition. Defining what your business stands for and why someone would choose your shoes over their shoes.


You are working for a shoe company that is all about XX and here's our plan for how we're going to deliver XX in everything we do for our customers

We build a customer centric operating model. Which is basically a fancy way of saying we get your staff on board with delivering the customer experience vision you've defined. So if someone asks someone from your business where they work, they can say "I work at XX and I love it because we're all about XX and the customers love it so my life is happy."


Our shoe company is all about XX and we offer you XX for XX reasons

We take your vision public - working with you to develop a marketing strategy & programme that drives growth by connecting with your customers in a way that makes them happy.

If Customer Experience is a key priority for your business, we’d love to help.